Exploranter - A hotel on wheels that tours the South America

Exploranter is a mobile hotel, fully equipped with industrial kitchen, hot showers, 30 leather seats, 28 beds and lots of mobility.

Exploranter is a Hotel on Wheels.
The highlight is the human atmosphere in trips. Surrounded by the most amazing landscapes, guests make friends and live an unforgettable experience. The Exploranter team goal is to tease guest senses.
Trips range from 1 week routes to 22 days expeditions.
Bizarrely, this moving hotel means that you probably travel less than if you were staying in a traditional hotel as you don't need to move around yourself to see different sites - you stay right at the sites themselves! Equally, your itinerary can span natural rather than national borders, say to see both Chilean and Argentiniean Patagonia on the same trip. Trips through the Pantanal conservation area (the world's largest freshwater wetland) average around 800 km in a week, in Patagonia they drive 1,200 km in twelve days. The longest drives cover around 200 km a day, but still showcase the best of each region.

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