Women’s Faces and Their Meanings ..


Eyes open wide, eyebrows slightly raised comers of the mouth are pointing downward.
How to cause this: pick up the phone and say: “Hey Wolfgang! I heard you and your brothers have no place to live? Well, come live with us!”

lips shut, eyes squinting.
How to cause this: refuse to pay extra $100 for a hotel room with a better view.

wrinkled forehead, lips slightly open, eyes wet.
How to cause this: Again promise her something, and then change your mind again.
Sarcastic Smile:

Mouth half-open, eyes slightly squinting.
How to cause this: going out with your buddies, promise to be home at 9 pm.
Controlled anger:

tightly shut lips, flared nostrils, eyes squinting slightly.
How to cause this: find a photo album with your ex-wife photos and put it in a prominent place.
Baffled Anger:

one eye squinted, jaw put forward.
How to cause this: when you team wins, go to bed dressed in it’s colors.
Obligatory Smile:

mouth corners are pointing in different directions, in a lopsided smile.
How to cause this: invite your boss to visit your house.

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