i Gifted MyselF With Trip To Phuket

Back from My Trip

Im Turning 30 in few days .. so i gifted myself with a trip to thailand .. me and my cousin nona .. we stayed 6 days in phuket and 2 days in bangkok ... i needed this trip to relax and clearify mymind knowing what to do in the next 10 years .. im saying bye to 20's .. im not sad .. not happy eaither .. it just reality i have to cope with .. 


  1. reminded me when i went to phuket with my wife last year! it really is a nice treat!

    and being 30 is nothing you still have the rest of your life a head of you inshallah!

  2. welcome back chubby.. nice to have u back here.

    im happy that u had great time.. u deserve it :)
    they say they have nice cocktails there :p

  3. Tiesto ..
    Who gonna treat me better than i do 2 myself loool ... Thanks Man :)

    reemas ..

    Thanks , Bas 6afni el moon party :P

  4. im turning 27 next month and im planning to spend it in another country nshallah :) just like u did :)