Noni in HonG KonG .. 4 The Chinese New year celebration

Why Hong Kong ,, ?
I Alwayes love the chinese things ,,, traditions , cultures , belives everything everything ... when i checked online there's the chinese new year celibration is comming soon and its on 14 feb which is valantines day also .. so why not going and whishing for better year ...
i had 3 countries in mind ..
1) Singapore - (they got really alot of events) ... but hotels r over priced so (X)
2) China - (the rout the real thing ... ) but ... ticket over 270 kd .. if i had chance to go to china i wouldnt come back till i at least visit the most attraction parts which will lead me go to east and west (more days and money) ... o i cant stand the coold weather .. its almost freezing in bejing now ... so (X)
3) Hong kong - (Part of china but more clean . really clean ) .. i found the ticket 155 on srilanka airline .. and for hotel was decent price for 5 stars ..

yesterday i went to flower market .. they usually buy flowers in newyears eve .. so i went and here's some pictures ...

Madreeee shino hal zar3aaaa ehyaaaa fruiet welaaa flower ???
As2alhom madree eshyar6non heheh

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