Last pic's of my last trip

I Catched flu since i arrived to kuwait .. 2day im feeling much better .. Here is some pic's ...

whampoa shopping center

Yani Email Gbl fatrah o feeeh hal mall 3ad ana kilish ma7ib a7ooos .. elmohim inah its attached to ther mall .. o feeh kilshay ..

The Chinese new year

3ajabni hal bulding ... madree mal shino bas it looks cooool
Chaykaw 3alaaa eli foog

Jackie Chan Hand ..
Hatha eb aveniue of stars
Gblhaaaa kint m9awrah m3 eeeed wa7ed 3abali ohwaaa 6ala3 hathaak jacki chiang .. lol

Bcoz its Tiger year .. they turn everything to tiger ..

Diseny HonG KonG

Hatha yamshi We6ashir Maaay ..

This is the last ...

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  1. amazing pictures o el7emdellah 3al salama