Diet - Week 1

i cant continue to 10 days that really hard .. i've lost 6KG in this week its huge i dunno how that happened .. i didnt even thought that its possible to loose that much in 1 week ..
im feeling tierd and fatigue all the time .. and i also concern about other health issues ..
So i will have more mercy on myself and start having milk and soup plus protin shake ..

the reason im doin all that stages "after any weight loose surgry" all over again is cuz it helps to shrink the stomach , makes me taste the food in different way .. so i can control my fat and sugar intake for later on .. it helped be b4 when i first had my surgry .. i couldnt tolerate alot of food spically fatty food .

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  1. Hey,

    I realized your struggle losing weight. I've had friends that weighed over 130kgs and managed to lose weight with a doctor here in toronto where they receive vitamin injections. Average weight loss is 16-20lbs per month. I personally did the diet and lost on average 15-16lbs each month. I'm not sure if its offered in Kuwait but I know you can buy the injections online and have a nurse in Kuwait give them o you and follow the diet and still lose weight. If you're interested in more details drop me your email and i'll shoot you an email. Good luck :)